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Its about hooligans and their nisms

1 2
7             8            
    9 10  
  11                     12  
13 14                   15
  17 18      
19           20        
  22       23  

4.People hitting one another
5.Not soccer
6.Not having respect for something
7.Getting ones ass kicked
8.A marshal arts performance of the leg
11.2 P´s and 4 E´s 2 words
13.Group of unsofisticated fighters
16.all light reflected
19.A way of destroying a person using the sidewalk
21.The act of destroying property
22.4 legs and a back
24.plural form of object used to disguise the face
1.People not regarded as grown ups
2.Power sick people without guns
3.Sexy ladies cheering
7.no light or all colors absorbed
9.A character played by one of the guys in hooligans, also created by JR Tolkien
10.A friendly embrace of several people 2 words
12.Prejudice against colour of skin or heritage
14.Driving two or more people in an effort to be the fastest or what nut
15.Alcoholic beverage, malt or german weiss
17.2 balls and a stick
18.Power sick people with guns
19.Synonym for cigarretes
20.People yelling
23.Starts with a R ends with a t

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