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Applied Chemistry Midterm Review

Rosemarie Smith

This puzzle contains vocabulary from the first 4 units in Applied Chemistry.

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1.the ratio of a substance's mass to its volume
11.temperature _?_ the solubility of a gas in water
14.the study of matter and its interactions
15.boiling requires heat so it is this
17.those digits in a measurement that you can actually measure plus one estimated digit
21.energy possessed by a rolling ball
22.different forms of the same element
23.the ability to do work or create heat
24.the state of matter that does not have its own shape or volume
25.the kind of property, like size, that doesn't involve a change
27.stored energy
28.ice is _?_ dense than liquid water
30.a representation of something, like a map
31.the phase change when a solid becomes a liquid
32.the apparent "skin" on the top of water is surface _?_
33.the salt in a salt solution
2.negative particle in the cloud outside the atom
3.the kind of bond in the water molecule
4.the closeness of your answer to the correct answer
5.variable in an experiment that you control
6.a physical property, like color, that is the same no matter how much of a substance you have
7.an educated guess
8.the kind of observation that doesn't include a number
9.the kind of change, like rusting, that creates a new substance
10.temperature scale based upon absolute zero
12.energy from the sun
13.the kind of mixture that is the same throughout
16.a process that separates parts of a mixture based upon solubility
18.mass number is protons plus these
19.the state of matter that has both shape and volume
20.positive particle in the nucleus of an atom
23.matter made up of only one kind of atom
25.the kind of bond that leaves a positive and negative end on a molecule
26.the water in a salt solution
29.anything that has mass and takes up space

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