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Key Terms Review

Mr. Meltzer

1 2
4                 5          
6                 7 8          
  10           11
12             13                        
  14       15       16 17          
            18           19
  20 21          
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24                                     25    
          26                 27

3.Area of land that inlcudes Mexico and Central America
4.When one nation(s) blocks another nations port
5.Bringing goods into the country
6.Property and wealth
8.An agreement between nation to end conflict or make an alliance
12.Sending goods out of the country
13.Trade pattern that connected Europe, Africa and the Americas
14.When countries agree to protect each other
17.The exchange of goods and products between nations
18.A large territory that is usually ruled by an emperor
23.A consumers desire for a product
24.Form of monarchy the has a constitution
26.Cities that act as independent countries
28.Services done by workers for wages
29.The amount of product that is available
30.Belief on one god
1.A person who uses goods and services
2.Form of government where citizens elect representatives to make laws
3.Form of government that has a king or queen
5.To supply water to crops
7.Form of government where all citizens directly participate in the making of laws
9.System of writing that using pictures
10.A disagreement between nations
11.System of government where people elect leaders
15.When the monarch has total control
16.Form of government where the people have power
19.Solid portion of Earth's surface
20.A plan that provides the rules for a government
21.The study of planets and stars
22.Belief in many gods
23.System of government where power stays in the same family
25.Crops grown for profit
27.A system where people make, exchange and use things that have value

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