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New Year's Synonyms and Antonyms

1 2      
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              31 32
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36     37                

1.principal, large, most important
7.Another word for "traditional ceremony"
8.synonym for "central" or "important"
10.the tender, new green parts of a plant
13.so loud that you cannot hear
14.the Persian New Year
18.a good luck charm made of bamboo and pine
23.a synonym of "loud"
24.A belief involving good and bad luck
25.very late at night or very early in the morning (like 3 a.m.)
26.prohibited or made illegal
29.to repel or keep away (2 Words)
34.the darkest day of the year
35.a sign of good or bad luck to come
37.the entrance to a house or room, the doorway
38.a synonym of "common" or "usual"
39.Nowruz celebrates the arrival of this season.
40.synonym of "include"
2.A symbol of health and robustness in Nowruz tradition
3.The Scottish New Year celebration
4."come together"
5.the source or origin of something. Also, the underground parts of a plant.
6.Many New Year's traditions are supposed to bring _________. (2 Words)
9.making something new
11.a situation where many cultures mix together (2 Words)
12."to represent something"
15.the seven items symbolic that Iranian families put on a table to celebrate Nowruz (2 Words)
16.to change very slowly or gradually
17.wisdom or knowledge
19.A symbol of good crops, growth and plenty in Nowruz (3 Words)
21.loud partying
22.an explosive
27.happening every year
28.so bright that you cannot see
31.a large, outdoor fire
32.having many different cultures
33.A food made of meat or vegetables wrapped in dough and cooked. The Chinese often make these.
36.the day of the year when the day and night are the same length.

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