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Nutrients Crossword

Karen Guevara

Use the clues to figure out the words.

1   2                   3
5           6   7        
10                   11
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    18 19              

1.This is a process that helps make babies, starts with a R.
5.This is a process dealing with a fetus, it takes nine months, starts with a G.
10.This mineral is vital for growth and development, starts with a Z.
12.The lack of this nutrient may cause the fetus to be born with white muscle disease, starts with a S.
13.A nutrient essential for healthy bones, starts with a C.
14.This process is often used by women to become healthy, starts with a D.
16.This vitamin is needed for the proper use of Calcium for bone growth.
17.This process removes the sheep's fur of natural insulation, starts with a S.
18.This is a vitamin used to help protect the body from diseases in the heart and other body systems.
20.This states that nutrients should be supplied to keep the body functioning in a state of well-being, starts with a B.
2.This is a method used to balance simple rations, starts with a P.
3.Also a nutrient that is needed in young ruminant animals, starts with a P.
4.After food passes through the mouth it heads to this section, starts with a S.
6.This occurs when cells increase and/or protein synthesis is in excess of protein breakdown, starts with a G.
7.This is a process that stores extra energy as fat, starts with a F.
8.This a organic ingredient that speeds pf the process of a chemical reaction, starts with a E.
9.It is a system that mainly deals with the process of breaking down food, starts with a D.
11.The lack of this in a mother causes the deficiency of this nutrient in the fetus, starts with a I.
15.This vitamin is most commonly fed to ruminant animals.
19.This mineral helps the reproduction of red blood cells, starts with a I.

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