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Max Dichter

This puzzle is about Hindu vocab, Only the most intelligent man on earth other than Max Dichter will be able to figure it out so Good Luck and Have Fun and Hope to win

2         3 4
5       6
8           9            
10             11        
  12 13    
16               17     18  
  19       20              

2.Im blue but im not sad, hey buddy stop staring
8.Leader of the towns
9.Why is my head so different from my body mommy
10.I will give you 50 dollars for the tshirt and thats my final *****!<---Hint its the stars!
11.The soul is everlasting brother, not once in a life time
14.Rock->Man->Butterfly Get it?
15.Everyone has a purpose don't go off your planned life.
16.My name means many things
17.Woops cut my sons head off lets find a new one, ELEPHANT that will do
19.Think of a river then think of it twice, now think of a valley and think of it thrice (2 Words)
21.Remember the Varna buddy? Yeah i made it even worse for you low class people (2 Words)
22.Like a squirrel just bigger.
23.Give me a V give me a E give me a D give me an A give me an S now what is that written in
1.Its red, like blood, but not blood, placed on a part of the body "wink wink"
3.The simple way of religion
4.When the circle is broken and physics are left behind
5.A vital to a eternal life in the world essence
6.And by the word of the lord you shall be cured
7.Christians= Church, Muslims=mosque
12.Thou shalt not touch thine people, for thine people are unholy and most be left to suffer
13.i Came in from the mountains Veni Vidi Vici
15.I can see it i really can its GANESHA
18.One speaks with gods, one is a fighting machine, one is a commoner, and one cant be touched
20.Guy1:I wonder what Pete will be in his next life now that he robbed a bank. Guy2: Probably a rock

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