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Arthropods and Disease

Field Sanitation Team Certification Course

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1.Carried by the rodent flea, pandemics of this disease decimated Europe in the Middle Ages
3.This disease is also known as phlebotomus fever and is carried by the Sand Fly
7.Species of mosquito responsible for Dengue Fever and Yellow Fever, among other diseases
11.Along with the mite, this arthropod waits in tall grass to latch onto a host
13.Carried by the sand fly, this disease may appear in 3 forms - cutaneous, mucosal and visceral
14.Short-lived arthropod which prefers animal and human waste and garbage
15.This arthropod makes its home in hairy parts of the body, along with clothing
2.Caused by the body louse, this disease spreads rapidly when sanitary practices are not observed in close quarters
4.These arthropods are found most often in the nests and beds of animals
5.The irrational fear of real or imaginary insects
6.This species of mosquito carries Malaria
8.Carried by both the Aedes and Culex mosquitoes and the tick, this disease attacks the brain and may leave the victim with deafness, epilepsy or dementia
9.This arthropod prefers to live in cracks and crevices that provide warmth, moisture and food (like garbage)
10.A condition in which fly larvae invade a human host
12.This arthropod lays its eggs in standing or stagnant water

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