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Northern Rocky Mountain States: Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Colorado

Mr. Hodges (B)

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4.Canadian province located northwest of Montana. (A6)
10.State that borders Wyoming to the east, Colorado to the northeast (A6)
12.River, southeastern Montana and northeastern Wyoming. (A6)
13.City, southwestern Idaho. (A6)
14.City in southeastern Colorado. (A6)
16.(2) State that borders Colorado to the south. (A6)
20.State that borders Colorado to the east. (A6)
21.River in northeastern Montana. (A6)
22.City in south-central Colorado. (A6)
26.(2)City, southern Idaho. (A6)
28.City, southern Montana. (A6)
30.Canadian province located northeast of Montana. (A6)
31.(2) City, southwestern Wyoming. (A6)
35.State that borders Colorado to the west, Wyoming to the Southwest. (A6)
36.City, western Montana (A6)
37.State, borders southwestern Idaho. (A6)
39.City, northern Idaho. (A6)
42.(2) Canadian province located north of Idaho and northwest of Montana. (A6)
43.(2) Reservoir, southern Idaho. (A6)
45.The __ Mountains are in northern Wyoming, the __ RIver is in northern Wyoming. (A8)
46.___ Peak is a mountain in central Colorado. (A8)
47.(2) State located southeast of Montana and northeast of Wyoming. (A6)
48.The beginning, or source, of the __ River, which is actually mostly in Washington and Oregon, is actually in Idaho and British Columbia. (A8)
52.(2) State located east of Montana. (A6)
54.(3) City, northern Idaho. (A6)
55.(2) The __ __ are located in eastern Wyoming and Colorado. (A8)
56.(2) City, central Colorado. (A6)
57.Capital of Montana. (A6)
58.City, south-central Montana. (A6)
59.City, southeastern Wyoming. (A6)
1.River, northern Idaho. (A6)
2.Capital of Idaho. (A6)
3.City in southwestern Colorado. (A6)
5.City, north-central Colorado. (A6)
6.(2) Lake, eastern Montana. (A6)
7.Country located north of Montana. (A6)
8.River, southern Idaho (A6)
9.State, borders southwestern Idaho. (A6)
11.City, western Montana. (A6)
15.The source, or beginning, of the __ River, which can also be found in Kansasand Nebraska, is on Colorado.
17.State, borders northwestern Idaho. (A6)
18.(2) City, southeastern Idaho. (A6)
19.Lake, northwestern Montana. (A6)
21.River, northern, eastern, and western Montana. (A6)
23.The __ Mountains dominate the geography of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and Idaho. (A8)
24.(2) City, eastern Montana. (A6)
25.City, southeastern Idaho. (A6)
27.City, northern Wyoming. (A6)
29.(2) The _ _ _ Mountains are shared between Colorado and New Mexico. (A8)
32.(2) River, northeastern Colorado and western Nebraska. (A6)
33.River, easstern Montana and northern Wyoming; lake, northwestern Wyoming. (A6)
34.The ___ Mountain Range is located between Idaho and Wyoming. (A8)
38.(3)Located in southern Wyoming. (A8)
40.State that borders Colorado to the southeast. (A6)
41.(2) City, western Colorado. (A6)
44.(2) City, north-central Colorado. (A6)
49.Capital of Wyoming (A6)
50.River in western Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and Colorado. (A6)
51.State that "touches" Colorado to the southwest. (A6)
53.Capital of Colorado. (A6)

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