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China's Environment

S. Thorne

Use page 44 and 45 from Geog.3 to help solve some of these clues. (There are no spaces between the words)

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  15                 16

1.These are one of the main causes of pollution in China and more are being built as they develop manufacturing exports
3.This is an acidic gas given off when coal is burnt (2 words)
6.Rain with acidic gas dissolved into it; it can kill fish and plants (2 words)
12.A renewable resource which can be harnessed in windy locations (2 words)
13.This type of electricity can be created by damming China's rivers
15.The name given to the waste materials which are harmful to the environment
17.Temperatures around the world are rising and this is the reason why (2 words)
2.The name given to the period of Britain when factories grew (2 words)
4.These are created by governments to try and stop factories from polluting by imposing fines
5.The fuel which China uses for 70% of its energy needs
7.The gas given off by fuels when they burn which increases global warming (2 words)
8.The place where coal is burned to produce electricity (2 words)
9.Another cause of pollution which will increase in number as more people have the money to buy themselves one
10.This metal export is made by burning large amounts of coal
11.This can get into your lungs when breathed in
14.A possible solution to energy needs but it has its own problems such as radiation disposal
16.This type of pollution is poured into rivers and lakes every day

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