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test questions for respiratory quiz

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2.5. What structure filters out the large particles of dust and dirt in the nasal cavity
5.What are the tiny hairs in the laryngeopharnyx that sweep mucus
7.part of the brain that controls respiration
9.a name that describes emphysema,asthma, chronic bronchitis and even TB
12.too much o2, patient needs to re-breathe CO2 in a bag
14.trying to blow off too much CO2 in emphysema
16.what is the main tube of the airway that branches into left and right bronchi
17.A patient tells you they have smoked 2 packs a day for 15 years, you know the most likely reason the patient is having trouble breathing would be due to:
18.arms out, hands on knees
19.what cell makes mucus and are located in the nose
20.genetic disorder where a protein byproduct creates sticky thick mucus
22.high pitched sound when breathing indicating asthma
25.a medication that helps to open the airway
27.where are the vocal cords located?
29.what alveoli secretes to keep moist and dissolve gasses
31.the tiny vessels that surround the alveoli
32.sound heard in pneumonia from congestion in the lungs
33.what is the cure for cystic fibrosis
34.high pitched sound when breathing indicating life threatening allergies
35.primary reason for damage to alveoli
36.process of inspire + expire
1.an example of Broyles law
3.increased CO2 levels in the body is called
4.the worst prognosis for lung cancer
6.a symptom of cystic fibrosis can be
8.a patient whose ph level is 7.25 would be considered what direction on the ph scale
10.difficult breathing
11.where is air warmed and humidified
13.the fleshy cap that covers the larynx when you swallow
15.The lung cancer that effects more patients under the age of 45, and is thought to be caused by filtered cigarettes is called
21.secondary bronchioles split into
23.when O2 exchanges for CO2
24.when air is forced out of the lungs is called
25.law that states the volume of gas is inversely proportionate to the pressure applied to it
26.what is cranial nerve I that is responsible for sense of smell?
28.when bronchioles spasm and swell
30.tiny grape-like clusters that exchange O2 for CO2

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