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Canadian Shield

Paige and Chase

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1.this tree stays green all year
4.lichen is a fungus that grows on rocks tree ------ and bare ground
6.this regin is a ------- moutin range
8.there are large numbers of-------wich makes fish commershels
10.the climat in the canadian shild is -----------and has warm summers
11.it looks like a reindeer and alsow travels in herds
12.the southren part of the candian shild has betwen ---mm and 1600mm of rain and snow each year
2.this bird is about the size of a crow it is the fastest in the animal kingdom
3.-------- is from ice water and wind all that is left is rocks and soil
5.fortz fitzordd is also known as smiths landing is on ----- river
7.nothren albeta,canda within the regionalmunicipality ---- of wood land bufalo
9.this resours is used to make gas and can be mind

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