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Amateur Radio Crossword Puzzle - II

KA0UPA, Jeff

1 2    
4   5     6 7 8  
11         12        
  13       14
17                 18 19
  20 21            
  23                       24     25   26
27           28          
29             30     31         32   33      
34           35   36   37          
    38   39                
41   42             43            
  44     45        
      46             47  
48         49                

2.An acronym. Occurs when an antenna is not matched to the transmitters.
3.An acronym. A thousand-million cycles per second.
4.A popular, easy to build antenna. May be horizontal or in a V-shape.
9.What V.E.'s or Volunteer Examiners do.
10.Current that only flows in one direction. All batteries produce this kind of current.
11.A tool used to measure ohms, volts, amperes and sometimes other things.
13.Used to extend an antenna's clearance above ground 'clutter' or obstructions. Usually permanent.
15.This component holds a temporary charge. Large values are polarity sensitive.
16.Cable consisting of a copper, center core and a silver outer conductive braid.
17.A popular multicolor LED consisting of three colors. Often RGB.
21.Must be mindful of this when working with or around high voltages or frequency.
22.An element of morse code. Three times the length of a Dih (Dit or a dot.)
23.Equipment used to display analog or digital signals in and X-Y graph like form. The X is time and Y is amplitude.
24.An acronym. A Q-code representing your operating location.
28.Connect batteries this way to increase voltage.
29.Hams often spend weekends away from their wives in pursuit of this.
30.An acronym. A form of communication using the moon as a satellite.
31.Refers to either a rule. Or, the ability to maintain a constant voltage or current level.
34.A battery of this component may hold it.
37.Operators using Amateur or Commercial frequencies without proper FCC licensing.
39.A popular vintage brand name of Amateur Radio equipment. Often fetching a pretty penny.
40.An instrument used to measure power.
41.The highest class Amateur Radio privilege class.
43.A voluntary Amateur Radio organization used to report weather conditions to the National Weather Service.
44.A kind of battery charged by the sun.
46.Used to send morse code with horizontal movements of the hand/wrist.
48.An acronym. Used to acknowledge receipt or understanding of a message.
49.A rig capable of operating three modes.
50.A popular brand name for Amateur Radio equipment. Not made however, of wood.
51.An acronym. An efficient form of communication in HF Radio.
52.When wire is wound this way, it's refered to as such.
53.May be electromagnetic or magenetic. In magnets, it may be North or South in polarity. In radio, it may fluxuate.
54.An amateur radio field sport. Called _ _ _ hunting.
1.An acronym. Million of cycles per second.
4.This form of communications consisting of 1's and 0's.
5.Short name for a potentiometer or variable resistor.
6.A piece of an antenna as part of an array .
7.Used to swivel an antenna nearly 180 degrees in either direction.
8.Watch out for these when errecting antennas.
12.Converts sound into minute amounts of voltage.
13.An electronic component that can act either as a switch or an amplifier.
14.An acronym. Represents a form of interference.
18.Batteries hate this when it gets too low, electronics hates it when it gets too high.
19.Used to represent a repeating occurence of something.
20.Removes an undesired frequency or level from a signal.
22.An acronym. Represents long distance communication.
25.A rather unreliable method of charging batteries.
26.Stations operated without the physical presence of an operator.
27.A name for a kind of early crystal radio used in the field by soldiers or covertly in prison.
32.Takes a small signal and increases it's level. Hopefully, without distortion.
33.An acronym. To represent microelectronic components. Package typically black with several L-shaped legs.
35.Sound signal for example, originate this way before they are encoded. Represents varying levels of voltage or current.
36.The Federal Agency that issues the rules and regulations by which hams must abide.
37.Connect batteries this way to increase current.
38.A tools use to remove the insulation on a wire.
42.The 'true' father of Radio i.e. *not* Marconi. A coil is named after him and he is the father of our A.C. power system.
45.An acronym. Represents the interests of Amateur Radio Operators.
47.Another foreign brand name of Amateur Radio Equipment.
48.Q-code used to broadcast to all amateurs. Also, the name of a popular Ham magazine.
52.Used to temporarely connect a wire to a conducting surface.

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