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Baroque Music Crossword


Ideal for HS Students learning basic Baroque terms

1 2                 3
4                   5  
10             11            
13           14      

2.a texture where many independent melodies interweave
4.repeated bass phrase over which a melody is played
6.the ensemble which was invented in the Baroque era
7.one of the principal keyboard instruments of the Baroque period
8.a solo song with sparse accompaniment; it follows the neatural patterns of sppech
10.a bass part played by a harpsichord and cello or bassoon
13.popular string instrument from this instrumental family
14.the composer whose death ended the Baroque period; his sons thought his music was hopelessly old-fashioned!
1.polyphonic composition with two or more voices
3.an orchestra work whre a large group is pitted against a smaller group of instrumentalists
5.violin maker from Northern Italy
9.a composer from the Baroque era
11.the marriage of song, drama, scenery, costumes and dance; invented in the Baroque era
12.a solo song with full accompaniment in an opera; song is about emotion

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