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Chicken stuff

Brian Smith

Anything to do with chickens

1     2
4                     5  
6       7 8                
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21         22    

1.A loud noise i make as the sun hits the sky, or a black flapping bird you see flying by.
4.1 pec 2 pecks 3 pecks four, rating like this can mean so much more.
6.A sack holding food and gravel like teeth, i'm not on the neck but right underneath.
8.Growing old without any but born with one, I use it to scrape when incubation is done
10.Lynyrd Skynyrd sung of this type of bird, plus distance that's measured by how far forward.
12.On top of my head, it's pointy and red.
13.If a mosquito bites you'll want to do this, i do it to dirt and even my dish.
14.In a hole that i dig I stir up a cloud, then step out and shake and walk away proud.
17.When you clean out my coop, it's the stuff that you scoop.
18.Decorate eggs the Holiday's near, But i lay them this way all through the year.
19.When the night falls i get kind of high, perching like this i dream i can fly.
20.Hanging like earlobes under my chin, fleshy and reddish and bloody within.
21.Breed with an extra toe on it's feet, with gray colored skin it's puffy and sweet.
23.Hard like the nails on your finger tips, My mouth and my nose without any lips.
2.I jump and I flap and I reach for the sky, but their limited size just won't let me fly.
3.Added to boots think cowboy and horse, I have them too but natural of coarse.
7.An ear on the ground at first they just stare, but after they've eaten i'm nothing but bare.
9.A bird in the hand beats two in the _______.
11.You crack me open and to your surprise, two times as many in front of your eyes.
15.A cake can have many and so can a flock, what i do makes me this, i produce by the clock.
16.Some have windows most have doors, some have dirt and some have floors.
17.A parachute cord as you jump from a plane, do this to deploy it as instructions explain.
20.A must have for me it's clean and it's pure, I thirst for it daily and drinking's the cure.
22.A present I leave in a box that you made, I hope that it's given a very high grade.

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