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12.4 Feudal Powers in Japan

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1.Claimed to be descended from the sun goddess Amaterasu.
3.The code governing correct behavior and appearance.
6.Japan’s earliest religion.
10.Planned a strong central government like that of the Tang rulers. (2 Words)
11.Island next to Korea.
12.Divine spirits that dwelled in nature.
2.An account of the life of a prince in the imperial court. (4 Words)
4.Island group that extends in an arc more than 1,200 miles long.
5.Unwritten code that emphasized honor, bravery, and loyalty.
6.Supreme general of the emperor’s army.
7.One of the most important influences brought by Korean travelers.
8.Members of Japan’s warrior class.
9.Only about 12 percent of the land is suitable for.

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