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Gift of Life - Organ Donation!

Jen Peitsch

This puzzle all relates to qualities, emotions, the organs that can be donated, and situations associated with organ donation for both the recipient and organ donor.

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3.Feeling related to joy, satisfaction and pleasure. Felt by recipients.
5.No suffering or physical pain.
7.Recognition of great qualities.
10.Pumps blood through the circulatory system. Eventually fatal if patient can't get a transplant.
13.Having more energy and living longer are possible ____ from a organ transplant.
15.Abundance of energy, how a patient may feel after a successful transplant.
16.The ____ is responsible for monitoring blood sugar levels. Average wait for a ____ from a deceased donor is between six months and two years.
18.Forget the comic books, signing an organ donor card will make you a real ____.
19.Patients will leave a hospital, and finally go ____.
20.Protected from danger.
21."It's a ____ or death situation".
23.Organ which removes toxins in blood. Second most commonly transplanted organ.
1.Deserving respect and a quality all donors are.
2.There are no ____ restrictions on becoming an organ donor.
3.Ethic of kindness and sympathy given to all human beings. True quality of an organ donor.
4.Motivated by no concern for oneself. Becoming an organ donor is a ____ act.
6.Pair of bean shaped organs, one can be donated from a live donor.
8.____ transplantation helps to restore the sight of blind and partially sighted people.
9.The little girl ____ a life-saving heart transplant.
11.Easing of a burden.
12."Give the ____ of life".
14.____ donation includes eye ____, skin, heart valves, bone, tendons and liagment donation.
16.Having much strength. Patients may feel ____ after receiving a transplant.
17.Deep affection and intense feeling.
21.As you breath, air will fill your ____. About half of the people on the ____ waiting list receive a ____ in any given year.
22.After signing your donor card, you will feel ____ of yourself.

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