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Science Words

Annika Garza

Science words

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2.the quantity per unit volumn, unit area, or unit length: as the mass of a substance per unit volumn.
5.the action of proclaiming: the state of being proclaimed.
8.to put together (parts) so as to form a whole.
12.the smallest particle fo a subsance that retains all the properties of the substance and is composed of one or more atoms.
13.to make less diluted; to express or exhibit in condensed form.
14.the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance or to kill or personally injure the sovereign or the sovereign's family.
15.an arrangement of chemical elements based on the periodic law.
17.the degree of mixture with base metals that has two or more metals or of a metal.
18.a member or inhabitant of a colony.
19.of, relating to, or constituting. Consisting of biographies.
20.material substance that occupies space,has mass, and is composed predominontly of atoms consisting of protons,neutrons,and electrons,that constitutes the observable univerirse with energy.
21.the tendency of a body to float or to rise when submerged in a fluid.
22.a representative to a convention or conference. A representative of a United States territory in the House of Representatives.
23.the overcoming of an enemy or atagonist.
1.to engage in a concerted refusal to have dealings with (as a person, store, or organization) usually to express disapproval or to force acceptance of certain conditions.
3.to reseind or annul by authoritative act especially to revoke or abrogate by legislative enactment.
4.a high-level overall plan embracing the general goals.
6.a chemical reaction involving union between molecules often with elimination of a simple molecule (as water) to form a new more complex compound of often greater molecular weight.
7.a bond or connection between families, states, parties, or individuals. The state of being allied: the action of allying.
8.the supreme legislative body of a nation and especially of a republic.
9.of, relating to , befitting or suggestive of an empire or an emperor.
10.an unchaged elementary particle that has a mass nearly equal to that of the proton and is present in all known atomic nuclei except the hydrogen nuleus.
11.of,relating to,constituting a revolution such as the revolutionary war.
15.an assemblage of the nobility, clergy, and commons called together by the British sovereign as the supreme legislative body in the United Kingdom.
16.an elementary particle consisting of a charge of negative electricity equal to about 1.602 x 10 -19 coulomb and having a mass when a t rest of about 9.109 x 10 -31 kilogram or about 1/1836 that of a proton.

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