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Patience Harris John Williams

Civil war battles

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2.On the way from altanta to savannah sherman destryoed what ?
5.Where was chickamauga ?
7.Who won the battle of Gettysburg?
10.How manny battles where in georgia
11.Who surrendered to general Grant ?
12.Who was President of the Confederacy?
13.The indain name of chickamauga ment ?
17.Who commanded the two armies at the Battle of Nashville, Tennessee?
19.Where was the battle of chickamauga fought at ?
20.Sherman burned everthing in the city of ?
22.Who took men and began a campaign toward Atlanta
27.North virginas first invasion was to the ?
28.What was the bloodiest one day battle ?
30.Who was the commnder at andersiville ?
31.Sherman Gave Presdiant Linclon Guns plenty of ammunition and cotton as a
32.Which Battle was an important it was named for revolutionary war hero
33.Where did Lee surrender to Grant?
35.What was the bloodiest battle of the civil war ?
36.What where the first major attacks in Georgia ?
37.How many troops where left in chattanooga under the command of William.T.Sherman?
39.Gettysburg was a what victory ?
41.When was the battle of chickamauga ?
1.Who were the two commanding officers at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania?
3.Who was killed for trying to help andersonville ?
4.Where was the battle of gettysburg fought at ?
6.Sherman attacked johnstons troops at what mountain ?
8.Who was the Union General killed leading his men into the Battle of Gettysburg?
9.Who did the north capture on january 13 1865 ?
14.Who led the confederate army ?
15.Who was called the old man because his care for his troops ?
16.What battle had more troops killed?
18.Antieam was the last battle before the what was sign ?
21.What Northern general was accused by northern press as being insane?
23.How Long did the move take ?
24.The battle of chickamauga was near by a ?
25.How days did the battle of gettysburg last ?
26.No more amercain forts were built of brick after the fall of
29.What state is Vicksburg located in?
34.How many states eventually ended up seceding from the Union?
38.How many soliders were killed in the battle of antiem ?
40.When did sherman led his march through Georgia ?

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