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Sentence Structure and Punctuation

M. Newsome

Complete the crossword by using the following clues. If the answer is two seperate words, include the blank.

1 2 3 4
5                               6  
    9             10  
      12   13
    15           16

5.has a subject and verb but cannot stand on its own; is not a complete thought
7.lacks the correct internal punctuation or conjunctions
8.has a subject and a verb and is a complete idea
9.some ________ are already possessive and do not need an apostrophe "s"
11.use a comma around the name of a person when talking to them ___________
14.use a comma after introductory phrases or _________
15.has a subject or a verb; cannot stand alone
18.two sentences joined together (incorrectly) with just a comma
19.use a _________ to seperate two complete sentences
20.use a comma and a __________ to combine two complete sentences
21.the _________ subject is the specific noun or pronoun that does the action in the sentence
1.use a comma between two _________ that describe the same noun
2.use a(n) ________ to make contractions
3.a complete sentence; can stand on its own
4.use a comma to separate __________ or more items in a series
6.includes the person or thing that does the action
10.the action done (verb) to the end of the sentence
12.use a comma after a long __________ phrase at the beginning of a sentence
13.use a comma after an __________ expression or dependent clause
16.use apostrophes to make the ________ for of nouns
17.lacks a subject, verb, and/or is not a complete thought
18.use a semicolon and a _________ when joining two complete sentences together with a conjuntive adverb or transitional phrase

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