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Transition Metal Complexes

Mr Anderson

Key terms relating to transition metal complexes.

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1.1,2-_______________ , abbreviated as 'en' (13)
4.A common carboxylic acid bidentate ligand (12)
7.A charged complex (7,3)
10.Name used when water acts as a ligand (4)
11.A ligand that is able to make multiple bonds to the central atom or ion (11)
2.Formed when six cyanide ions complex with an iron (II) ion. ______________ (II) (16)
3.An important hexadentate ligand that has a 4+ charge.
5.A central atom bound to ligands, sometimes called a coordination compound (7)
6.A ligand that makes two bonds to the central atom or ion (9)
8.Any atom or molecule attached to a central atom by donating an electron-pair to form a coordinate bond (6)
9.Another name for a coordinate bond (6)

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