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The Marketing Environment

1 2
  3 4                  
  8                         9

4.new materials, the internet and social media are examples of this
5.any group that can influence a marketer's programmes but are not customers
6.includes lifestyles, social values and beliefs and influence consumer trends and tastes (3 Words)
7.other parts of the firm that can have an influence on marketing activities (2 Words)
8.trend of consumers to purchase products that will make their lives more interesting or improve the environment (3 Words)
10.part of the business cycle when consumers become discouraged and spend less
11.creating oppiortunities for smaller household appliances and convenience meals (3 Words)
12.the group of people who buy the products of a company
14.busiensses that provide raw materials, parts and finished products to other businesses
15.has led to strong growth in the variety of food and beverage products avaialble (2 Words)
16.businesses that connect the company with its market (2 Words)
17.influences whether customers have willingness and ability to buy
1.purchases made without much advance planning (2 Words)
2.part of the business cycle when marketers add new products and enter new markets
3.creating opportunities for health care and specialised travel packages (2 Words)
5.government legislation and laws that influence what can be done in marketing programs (3 Words)
9.statistical study of human populations
13.part of the business cycle when marketers need to consider expanding their marketing efforts

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