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The Cycling Crossword Challenge


Have you been cycling long enough to know all the answers? Take the challenge!

1       2         3            
  4 5            
6               7   8
9         10          
      11         12        
      13     14              
  15       16  
        17               18       19
          21 22  
25                 26      
28   29                 30          
    31 32           33
  36       37        
38 39                          
      41                 42        

1.bicycle race individuals ride separately for elapsed time
3.large fast pack of riders
5.100 mile bike ride
6.fat valve
10.I track my rides on ____
11.maneuver for jumping obstructions
14.tires also known as sew-ups
17.what you do when a dog is chasing you
18.ride close behind the big guy
20.blow snot
23.closed circuit street race
24.your Naugahyde recliner
25.closed circuit race with dirt, trails and obstacles
29.front gear
30.ride fast and hard
31.diagonal paceline for crosswinds
34.most common mountain bike brake
37.to mash on the pedals as hard as you can
39.world’s most popular race
40.plastic fantastic
41.pinch flat
42.part on the bottom of your cycling shoe
43.large abrasions from asphalt
2.section of trail difficult to ride because of rocks, tree roots, steep drops
3.single file of riders, taking turns pulling
4.rear gear cluster
7.bike for riding in a reclined position
8.free stuff from manufacturers
9.misleading name for pedal-and-shoe system
10.fully suspended mtn bike
12.front suspension but no rear suspension
13.blowing up in midride
15.thing that moves your chain to change gears
16.skinny valve
19.two riders
21.rider who considers trails to be for the weak and feeble
22.flying over the handlebars
26.trail just wide enough for one person
27.act of riding on the rear wheel only
28.stopping the bike while remaining on the bike
32.crank spin rate
33.low riding position for aerodynamics
35.bike mechanic
36.ride in them when an aero tuck is important
38.charm or icon worn by a biker or attached to the bike

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