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Respiratory System

Matthew Parzych

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2.Hl blockers or Hl antagonist compete with histamine for receptor sites, which prevent a histamine response
8.Class of medication that may frequently prescribed to patienfs that have COPD
9.This medication is an intranasal steroid thats trade name is Flonase
10.This class of medication is used if a bacterial infection results from retained mucus secretions
13.This is a recently new anticholinergic drug thats generic name is iparatropium bromide
15.These medications act on the cough control center in the medullato suppress the cough reflex
16.This first theophylline preparation was produced in 1936
17.This medication reverses bronchospasm by relaxing bronchial smooth muscles and belongs in the drug group sympathomimetics
19.This trade name drug has a generic narne called zileuton
20.Acts like detergents to liquefy and loosen thick mucorls secretions so that they can be expectorated
23.This class of medications belong to the family of corticosteroids
26.The generic name for this antitussive medication is dextrome & orphan hydrobromide
28.This trade name drug is used for seasonal allergic rhinitis and has a generic name called mometasone furoate
29.The generic name of this bronchodilator is montelukast
30.Glucocortiods can be given by inhaler, IV or this other form of medication
1.This medication can be given PO, IM, or IV and its trade name is Benadryl
3.This trade name drug was the first long-acting inhaled anticholinergic drug used in the treatment of COPD
4.This is the tade name for the combination of ipratropium bromide and albuterol sulfate
5.These medications stimulate the alpha-adrenergic receptors causing vascular constriction of the capillaries within the nasal mucosa
6.Acts like detergents to liquefy and loosen thick mucorls secretions so that fiey can be expectorated
7.The generic name of this medication is nedocromil sodium
11.This derivative because of it's effects on respiration and puhnonary vessels makes this medication used in the treatment of asthma
12.This herb may be used as a nasal decongestant
14.This is a chemical mediator that can cause inflarnmatory changes inthe lrmg
18.This trade name medication is a combination of Flonase and Serevent
21.There are two drugs used to treat asthma in children and nedocromil is one
22.this trade name drug can be given as an antidote for acetaminophen overdose if given within 12-24 hours
24.This trade name drug is used for chronic asthma and exercise-induced bronchospasm and has a generic name called salmeterol
25.This disease is an inflammatory disorder ofthe ainuay walls associated with a varying amount of airway obstruction
27.The generic name of this medication is cromolyn sodium

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