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Martin Luther King Day

Ms. Kendra

1 2               3        
  6 7                       8
    9 10             11         12  
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        23       24
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  33                 34            

2.location of MLK's murder
4.murder of a well known or public figure
5.some states tried to prevent people from voting if they couldn't ______
7.grants freedom to all despite racial differences
9.a demonstration of disapproval of a person, action, or idea
13.led a 5 day march from Selma to Montgomery _______ to protest voting restrictions
14.in 1963, MLK and a group if children sang and marched down the streets of this city
15.harmony between people or groups
16.went to ______ to further study Gandhi's nonviolent methods
17.state he was born
18.he was killed on the _______ of his hotel room
21.state where he was assassinated
22.convicted of MLK murder
23.thought money was being wasted on the war instead of helping out the _____
26.his wife
30.he sought racial _____
31.leader of a religious group
33.to be unfairly treated in an often cruel or harsh way
34.what war did he protest
35.refusal to buy something or use a service
1.to bring together previously divided groups of people
3.he organized this - people refused to ride the public city bus system
5.belief that one race is superior to others
6.MLK Day is always the third _________ in January
8.month of MLK Day
10.famous speech
11.MLK was awarded this at the age of 35 - making him the youngest recipient
12.he believed in ________ forms of protest
19.to guide or give direction to a group
20.separation of people based on differences
24.communicating a thought or idea in front of an audience
25.a demonstration to strongly object to something
27.a person of authority who unfairly exerts their power
28.attended college in ______
29.form of civil disobedience where demonstrators refuse to leave a location
32.group of out of control people acting violently

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