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Jeff Andersen

This crossword puzzle involves commonly used archery terminology and basic history of the sport.

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4 5                 6
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12   13             14 15

2.International governing body of archery
4.Most decorated Olympic archer (last name) (2 Words)
7.Attachment at the end of the arrow that connects arrow ad bowstring
8.Amount of bend an arrow shaft provides
10.Set of rods that provides balance for the bow
12.Country with the most medals in Olympic archery (2 Words)
16.Upper and lower arms of a bow
17.Container that holds the arrows
18.Device placed on the bow to help archer aim
19.Round of arrows shot at an archery event
1.Piece of leather worn for protection when arrow releases (2 Words)
2.Real or artificial feathers used on arrow to make it fly straight
3.Expert of archery
5.Piece of equipment that is shot at the target
6.Piece of equipment that is made out of fibers stronger than steel
9.Center of the target that has the highest scoring value (2 Words)
11.Earliest known tournaments were held in this Asian country
13.Last shot in an archery event
14.Device worn on wrist and forearm to protect from contact (2 Words)
15.Area varying in size archers shoot at

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