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1 2         3   4          
6               7       8        
10                         11                  
            12 13
      14 15                          
    16                       17                
    19 20                     21              
    22     23                 24    
            25 26
          27 28            
        29         30                
31                                 32      
    35 36                   37         38
41     42            
                43           44
46           47                                      

1.the one to be dissolve
3.cells that give rise to a new individual
6.suicide bag
7.empty into the hair follicle
10.composed of cells called neurons
11.composed of stratified epithelial tissue
15.solution with greater solute concentration
16.organelles that contains DNA
17.homogeneous mixture of 2 or more component
20.process by which substances those are too large to move inside the cell
21.highly specialized cell receive and transmit nerve impulses supporting cell
23.involved in lipid synthesis
28.were ATP is produced
29.disarm dangerous chemical in the cell
31.membrane transport process
33.where the most cellular activity occur
36.for energy reserve for some organs
39.composed primarily of the compound protein
43.dissolving medium
45.fluid portion of the nucleus
46.a layer composed chiefly of connective tissue
47.fluids located inside the cell
48.cell drinking to an area of low concentration to high concentrarion
49.diffusion of solute thru a semi-permeable membrane
2.cell drinking
4.found within all living cells
5.solution with greater concentration of solvent
8.contains inactive inclusions such as fat globules
9.process by which water and solutes forced thru a membrane
10.made up of bi-lipid layer of protein
12.solution that has the same amount of solute and solvent
13.site for protein synthesis
14.penetrate into the dermis
18.for transport of various substances to and from the cells
19.composed of a bi-lipid layer of protein
22.cells which make up the tissues of the body
24.used to assemble the sub-units of ribosomes
25.spreading of particles in a solution
26.located beneath the epidermis
27.ability of the solution to change the size and shape of cells
30.fluid that bathes the exterior portion of the cell
32.protection of internal organs
34.powerhouse of the cell
35.transport proteins and other material
37.consist of hardened dead cells
38.outer portion of the skin
40.crystals in the cytoplasm
41.these type are the lining tissue of the body
42.process by which substances move out of the cell
44.group of cell united in the performance of definite function

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