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The Legacy of Rome

Annie Caruthers

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1.The design of this arena has been used as the basis for modern stadiums
5.The ___ is in charge of a diocese in the Christian Church
7.Stone structures that brought water from the hills into Roman cities
11.Christianity was spread by traveling disciples called ___
14.Presumption of ___ is one of many aspects of the Roman justice system used as the basis of modern law
16.Jesus promised ___ life to his followers
18.The worship of a single deity, a practice found in established religions like Judaism and Christianity
19.Roman architects approved the designs of the arch and the ___
21.Literary device created to make fun of society
22.___ the Elder was a Roman scientist that collected the works of others to create volumes of information
23.The language used by Roman scholars (as opposed to Greek)
2.Volumes of compiled knowledge (like medicine, botany, zoology, etc.)
3.Chips of colored glass and stone were used to make these works of art
4.The sacred meal consumed during the Roman Catholic Mass
6.A temple to the Roman gods that remains standing to this day
8.The development of useful structures using science and mathematics
9.Epic poetry was written to inspire this feeling in the Roman people
10.Hellenistic philosophy borrowed from the Greeks that taught concern for the well-being of all
12.Roman sculptors continued the Greek use of realism in art, but broke ground with the use of ___
13.A round roof made of cement, created by the Romans to cover large spaces
15.One who died for their beliefs during the persecution of Christians
17.The historian Livy tried to restore traditional ___ to Roman society (importance of duty, loyalty, etc.)
20.A large unit of men in the Roman military, made up of smaller units called centuries

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