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"b, bb" balloon, ribbon

2                 3              
  4 5                
        9 10
      11 12             13      
14                           15
17 18               19 20                  
21             22 23                          
24         25                
26       27            

2.(adjective) speaking two languages
3.(noun) drink
5.(adjective) impossible to remove or alter
6.(adjective) vague
7.(adjective) fit to live in
11.(noun) instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure
14.(adjective) showing happiness at something
16.(adjective) complex, detailed and thorough
17.Present tense of abseil
20.(noun/adjective) audacious, showy
21.(noun) body section containing the stomach
23.(noun) the ability to use each hand equally well
25.An adjective formed from the noun metabolism
26.(noun) tendency to float
28.(adjective) impossible to take away
1.(adjective) worthy of desire
2.The Canadian, U.K. and Australian spelling for behavior
4.(noun) original inhabitant
8.(adjective) likely to change
9.(noun) official representative
10.(noun) government, administrative system, a collection of officials
12.(noun) life story written by self
13.(adjective) not substantial, inadequate
15.(noun) synonym for slaughterhouse
18.(noun) edible flower head
19.(noun) the study of automatic control systems
22.Synonym for 'interring'
24.(noun) pus-filled cavity
27.(Adverb) onto a ship or vehicle

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