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Musculoskeletal System Review

Mrs. Smuczynski

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3.To check and see if a child has stopped growing, doctors often X-ray the wrist bones. If there is any cartilage present, it indicates the child is not finished growing. What is the scientific name for the the wrist bones?
8.Joints found in the wrist and ankles allowing a great deal of flexibility in many directions as the small chunky bones slide over each other
9.Vertebrae protect this
11.Tough right fitting membrane surrounding the surface of bone and containing blood vessels that transport nutrients in to bone; where fractures are healed;
13.This builds up in muscles that have used up all their oxygen and have been pushed beyond their limits resulting in muscle burn l
15.Type of joint where bones only bend in one direction, back and forth like a door Examples: knees, elbows, mandible, fingers, and toes
18.Long, flat muscle that plays a vital role in breathing
21.Bone disease that causes bone tissue to become thin, porous, and to fracture more easily due to a lack of calcium
22.Upper arm muscle that contracts to pull the lower arm up
23.Tough strands of tissue that connect muscles to bones pulling bones when contracted
24.An external skeleton (like a beetle wears)
25.A hereditary disease that causes the skeletal muscles to weaken over time making it difficult lay for those with MD to walk, maintain their balance, and do the normal everyday activities
27.Type of respiration in which no oxygen is used by muscle cells to make energy and the muscles BURN!
29.The hard white, slippery caps at the end of bones that prevent our bones from wearing down
35.An internal skeleton
36.Type of involuntary muscle found lining the internal organs ( the disgestive tract and the blood vessels
37.Painful joint disease that causes joints to swell, stiffen, and become painful
38.Without cartilage this would happen to bones
39.Muscles that are under ones control, like the ones thatyour biceps and triceps.
40.Type of voluntary muscle tissue found attaching muscle to bone
1.Type of involuntary muscle tissue that never tires and is located in the heart
2.Type of bone found mainly in the flared end of bones made of small sponge like pores (having may open spaces)
4.An injury to a ligament caused by stretching a joint too far
5.An important mineral needed to build strong bones
6.The center of long bones look like this without bone marrow...
7.Hard layer of bone found directly beneath the periosteum
10.A muscle injury in which a muscle is over stretched or torn
12.Type of joint that allows one of the bones in the joint to rotate in a large circle; found in the upper legs and arms
14.Tough bands of tissue that connect the bones of our skeletons
16.Bones grow in length at their ends in an area called the ? (two words)
17.One function of the skeletal system is to make blood cells. This is where blood cells are made.
19.Muscle action that is NOT under your control, like your heart!
20.More than 600 of these help us move our skeleton
26.A function provided by the cranium, rib cage, and vertebrae
28.The most accurate of our 206 bones, this bone alone can determine a person's height
30.A general idea as to the age of a mystery skeleton involves an examination the skull. If this type of joint is completely fused, evidence that the skeleton was an adult is ldeterminrd.
31.Motion skeletal muscles make to move our bones
32.Type of Respiration in which oxygen is used by muscle cells to release energy from stored food
33.This bone can reveal the gender and age of a skeleton; it's width and pubic bone arch can reveal gender, among other things.
34.Place where two bones meet

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