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Glacial Terms

Sammy Appleby

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3.A wedge of sediment that typically accumulates on land where a stream emerges from a steep canyon onto a flat area.
6.A temporary body of water formed by the melting of a large segment of ice.
8.The category of materials that are added to a landform or mass through elements like wind and water.
9.A mixture of rock debris at the base of a cliff or slope deposited by gravity.
10.Grooves and scratches found on bedrock caused by the movement of a glacier.
13.A deep basin carved by a waterfall.
14.An aquifer that is surrounded by permeable rock material and filled by rain or melted snow.
16.An elongate hill composed of compacted till that is sculpted beneath the ice of a flowing glacier.
18.Unsorted sediment deposited directly by a glacier.
19.A deep, U-shaped valley carved by a glacier and occupied by the sea.
20.The lake that forms in the depression left when a buried section of a glacier melts.
21.Till deposited in front of a glacier by meltwater streams.
1.A U-shaped basin that was formed by a forward-moving glacier.
2.A geographic area that contributes runoff to a stream.
4.The materials that are eroded, transported, and deposited by water that are commonly found on shelf deposits and the beds of glacial lakes.
5.A law in geology describing the rate at which a fluid flows through a permeable medium, such as water from one part of an aquifer to another or the flow of petroleum through sandstone and gravel.
7.A description of a lake in which some or all of the water remains unmixed.
11.An aquifer that is covered on both on the top and bottom by impermeable layers of rock material.
12.A mound or ridge of till, deposited by a melting or receding glacier.
15.A thin layer of fine-grained sediment deposited in the still waters of a lake.
17.Volcano like cones that are composed of and discharge fine sand and silt and range from several inches to several feet in height and several inches to over 30 feet in diameter.

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