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Human skeletal system


based upon terminology required in Anatomy and Physiology Bio. 110 at Kalamazoo Valley Community College.

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3.Ribs lacking anterior connections to the sternum
8.Articulates with a clavicle and humerus
10.Top 20 ribs
11.Has parts named manubrium, body, and xiphoid
12.have superior and inferior articulating facets
13.Olfactory nerves penetrate this part of the ethmoid bone
16.Ribs connect to these vertebrae
19.Skeleton portion with arms and legs
21.Attaches bones to bones
23.Middle ear bones
24.Where ulna, radius, & humerus come together
25.A hole in a bone
26.Pelvic bone
27.The most dense part of our skeleton
29.Means "layer"
32.Joint between the sternum and clavicle
35.You sit on this
36.Forms the lateral borders of our hips
37.Marrow manufacturing blood cells
43.Named for a Greek god that held up the world
47.Suture joints like lambdoid, squamousal, & sagittal
48.Skull bone housing our ear mechanism
49.Has an odontoid process for a pivot joint
50.The ends of long bones
52.Folds of bone within the nasal cavity
53.Parts of the sphenoid bone
1.Sole of foot
2.Only bone with a trochanter on it
3.Bones lacking epiphyses and a diaphysis
4.At the lateral edge of the shoulder
5.One of two bones comprising the nasal septum
7.A really "funny" bone
8.Anterior ridge of tibia
9.Your bony elbow
11.Joins the two pubic bones
14.A type of cartilage covering the articular ends of bones in synovial joints
15.The second cervical vertebra
17.Attaches muscles to bones
18.You have 58 of these altogether
20.The only bone in the body that does not articulate with any other bone
22.The upper teeth are contained in this bone
27.Knee cap
28.The only freely movable bone of the skull
29.Grooves of this name contain "tear ducts"
30.The only vertebrae with transverse foramena
31.Articulates with the head of the femur
33.Lower back region
34.The lateral bone of the leg
38.The shaft of long bones
39.Tail bone
40.The "thumb" side bone of the antebrachium
44.The "master gland" sits in a depression of this bone
45.A specific bone tissue that forms the outside surfaces of all bones
46.Osteocytes and Chondrocytes located here
51.Articulates at its lateral borders with the ilia

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