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Paul Smith

If you love Easter, you will love this crossword.

1 2 3 4
  5                 6  
    7           8      
9           10          
  11   12         13
14 15       16      
      18       19
22       23          

5.What melts in your mouth that is made by milk?
7.This animal is made out of chocolate and also a pet
8.What is the opposite word for show
9.You paint with this
10.Bunny is also another word for what?
11.The back garden is also called what?
16.You can find these ____ in different places
17.You can hide behind this and you can camouflage yourself
18.You can buy this product in different colours
21.On Easter Sunday, you can play a game called egg ____ where you find these eggs that have been hidden
22.When your mum or dad put water on the cooker, they are bringing the water to the what?
23.You hide the eggs ______ a tree
24.You cut this with a lawnmower
25.You____ the eggs on a Easter egg hunt
1.Birds make this to lay their eggs
2.Another word for hood of a car
3.These sweets are made out of jelly, you can buy them in the shops and they come in all sorts of colours
4.Eggs can be hidden behind or _____ a tree of table
5.What is the plural word for blue, green, red, yellow etc
6.You mix it to make different colours.
11.What is another word for bag?
12.You eat these during Easter and also around christmas time
13.Giving the place a new look
14.This is a day of the week and it is normally the last day of the week
15.These animals are small and they are hatched out of an chicken egg that the mother chicken lays.
19.This is some sort of a theatre play but it is done in the street.
20.What come after winter and before summer?

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