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The Hobbit

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1.The adventurous side of Bilbo's family
4.What nearly knocked Bilbo and the dwarves off the side of the mountain?
6.Where Elrond lives.
8.How does Bilbo kill the first few spiders?
9.Gandalf and the company visit here to get directions and rest
10.The mountain range the company has to cross to get to their destination.
14.Where is the town built that the company goes to after escaping the wood-elves.
15.The mystical forest the company had to get through
16.What has roots nobody sees, Is taller than trees, Up, up it goes, And yet never grows?
19.Gandalf says that Bilbo is as fierce as this in a pinch.
22.What is the specific day they are supposed to be able to find the secret entrance to the mountain?
23.What was the name of Bilbo's dwelling?
25.Mystical creatures that saved Bilbo and the Dwarves
26.Wanted to have the dwarves and Bilbo for dinner but turned into stone before they were able to do this.
28.The wizard who recruits Bilbo for the quest
29.RAID probably wouldn't work on these creatures who captured the dwarves and hung them in the trees.
31.Bilbo's title on the quest.
32.He was the first dwarf to be captured by the wood-elves.
33.The city at the base of the mountain where the dwarves used to live.
2.What is Thorin's last name?
3.The first two hobbits to arrive at Bilbo's
5.The place where the dwarves once dwelt but were driven out.
7.The language the ancient runes on the map is written in
11.What does Bilbo name his dagger?
12.The man/bear who gave refuge to the company
13.The sword Gandalf took from the troll's cave
17.The sword Thorin took from the troll's cave
18.Who falls into the river and falls into a deep sleep?
20.What does Bilbo's dagger do when orcs or goblins are near?
21.What did the dwarves hide in when escaping from the wood-elves?
24.Who does Bilbo steal the ring from?
27.Name of the dragon who stole the dwarves treasure.
28.These creatures ambushed Bilbo and the dwarves in the cave.
30.What part of middle-earth do hobbits inhabit?

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