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"The Giver" Vocabulary Words

Mrs. Evanoff

This crossword puzzle is a compilation of words students in our class have discovered as we read the novel, "The Giver".

2   3 4
  5 6               7           8
  12                     13    
  15               16        
17   18      
    20     21        
22                     23      
      24         25      

5.to push or motivate someone into action
7.many people gathered
9.severe criticism; rebuke or strong reprimand
10.something pleasant and satisfying
11.to move quickly or make something happen faster
12.to restore to a good condition of health
14.having delicate health
15.as much as needed (suitable or sufficient)
19.extremely or excessively careful about small details
20.an obnozious or annoying person, thing, condition
22.causing anxiety or uneasiness
24.to be allowed to do something
26.an attachment or loyalty to a person, beliefs, rules
27.to control by a rule; to adjust to some standard or requirement
28.to chuckle and snort at the same time
29.to trust someone with secrets
30.strickingly bright or intense
1.caused by a natural impulse or desire
2.a loose, light weight garment worn to protect clothing
3.extremely joyful and vigorous
4.not changing; always the same
6.routines and behaviors that are the same
8.to callupon someone to do something
13.relying on others; need each other
16.unhurried or deliberate
17.to renounce or surrender, to give up or let go
18.a space set apart for an audience; a building for public gathering
21.dark and gloomy
23.calm and peaceful
25.to put or attange in a systematic or condensed form like a table or chart

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