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1.Solution used to test for reducing sugar
5.Contains the elements carbon, hydrogen and oxygen in a specific ratio
7.Reagent used to test for starch
9.A protein used to regulate body reactions
10.Contains the element nitrogen
11.Made up of a small number of amino acids
12.Adult equivalent of deficiency disease of fat soluble vitamin
14.Water is this and as a result many molecules are transported in water by plants and animals
15.Disaccharide and reducing sugar
16.Necessary for producing chlorophyll
17.Deficiency disease associated with water soluble vitamin
19.Stored in the liver of animals
20.Simple sugar
23.Brown paper tests for this
24.Mineral found in green vegetables
1.Chemicals that are made inside a living thing
2.Breaking down molecules into simpler ones
3.Most common form of this vitamin
4.Trace element
6.Reagent containing NaOH used to test for protein
8.Building larger molecules from simpler ones
13.Structural carbohydrate in plants
15.A structural protein
18.Colour change in positive test for protein
21.Composed of glycerol and 3 fatty acids
22.Positive result is blue black for presence of this

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