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Semester 1 Review

Ms. Grzywacz

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1.Mixture of two or more substances that are evenly distributed at molecular level (1)
5.simplest of all living things, prokaryotic & single celled, (2)
8.unit used to measure length in the International System of Measurement (SI) (1)
9.the process of maintaing a life-supporting internal environment (2)
11.a group of tissues that works together to carry out a function (2)
14.the study of life (1)
15.a visual way to organize data (1)
18.unit used to measure mass in the SI system (1)
19.multicellular & eukaryotic, consumers (2)
20.unit used to measure volume in the SI system (1)
22.graphed on the y-axis, the variable that is changed by the independent variable "what you measure" (1)
24.the smallest unit of a living thing (2)
26.a group of specialized cells that perform a particular function (2)
27.increase in mass (2)
28.break down rotting things and return nutrients, most multicellular, consumers (2)
29.a possible explanation that can be tested with an experiment (1)
30.individual form of life (2)
31.measurement of amount of space something occupies (1)
32.unit used to measure the temperature in the SI system (1)
2.graphed on the x-axis, the variable you change in an experiment which may influence another variable (1)
3.multicellular & eukaryotic, producers (2)
4.a fixed amount of something (1)
6.mostly single-celled, eukaryotic, consumers and producers(2)
7.simple cells, means "before nucleus" (2)
10.process used by scientists to answer questions. (1)
12.a group of organs that work together to perform a set of functions (2)
13.a value that tells the amount of something (1)
16.measurement of distance (1)
17.measurement of surface (1)
21.controlled test to determine if a hypothesis is supported or refuted. (1)
23.complex cells, means "true nucleus" (2)
25.ability to cause change or do work (2)

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