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Semester 1 Review (part 2)

Ms. Grzywacz

1   2
  4                       5
7                 8 9                          
  10     11 12    
    13                     14                  
  18 19   20                      
21                       22

1.molecule which stores and transfers chemical energy in the cell
3.life as we know it is _______________ based. (4.2)
4.gives the cell its shape and provides strength (5)
7.movement of molecules from areas of high (greater) concentration to areas of lesser concentration (6)
9.Energy-rich compounds like sugars and starches (4.2)
13.he built a simple microscope and was the first the observe single-celled protists, blood cells, & bacteria (5)
15.controls activities of the cell & contains DNA (5)
16.Energy-rich compounds like fats, oils & waxes (4.2)
20.main pigment used in the process of photosynthesis
21.the diffusion of water (6)
23.larger molecules like sugar, starches, and proteins sometimes diffuse through these (6)
25.proposed that cells can only come from other cells (5)
27.continuum of waves (includes visible light, x-rays, microwaves, etc) (6)
29.compounds made of long, repeating chains called nucleotides (DNA is one) (4.2)
30.have a nucleus and membrane bound organelles (5)
31.a separating barrier that controls movement of materials into and out of the cell (5)
2.do not have a nucleus (5)
3.a fluid mixture that contains the organelles and the compounds the cell needs (5)
5.structure inside of a cell that helps it perform its function (5)
6.a molecule that absorbs some colors of light and reflects others
8.contains chemicals that break down food and worn-out cell parts (5)
10.how we perceive the energy of light (6)
11.stores water, food, & wastes (5)
12.the conversion of Energy from energy-rich molecules into ATP
14.network of passageways that carries materials in the cell (5)
17.process of converting the sunlights energy into energy-rich molecules (6)
18.converts most of the cells energy (5)
19.allows molecules to move from lower to higher concentration and requires Energy (6)
22.capture energy from the sunlight and stores it in molecules, only in plant (5)
24.very large molecules made of smaller molecules called amino acids (4.2)
25.look under the microscope and was the first to record his observation of the cell (5)
26.receives materials from the ER packages them and ships them (5)
28.light travels as a ______. (6)

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