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Special Needs Review

1 2
5 6                      
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  9 10      
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  14         15   16  

3.children with _______ require lowercalorie needs than other children
4.children with down syndrome have a greater risk of developing ________
6.its common for children with SN to have an _____ _____ (2 words) when toileting
11.children should have a ____________ exam by age 1
12.what is the first step to handwashing (3 words, no spaces)
13.training for a ______ tube is needed for each child
14.make sure to _________ surfaces that havebeen soiled in blood
17.a healthy ______ is essential for overall well being
18.this is not a cure for an severe allergic reaction
19.the first thingto due when a child has a siezure is to put them in the _____ posistion.
20.daily disinfectant solution is made up of 1/2 tsp of bleach and _____ water
1.children age 2-8 need how many milk servings per day?
2.children with __________________have difficulty chewing and swallowing
5.always wear these to prevent blood borne diseases.
7.a three year old shouldhave how many servings of fruits and veggies a day?
8.many children with autisim have _______ proeblems when it comes to food.
9.a ________feeding tube is passed through the nose and down esophagus into the stomach
10.make sure to monitor a persons _______ during a siezure
15.at what age is as child brain the same weight as an adults.
16.a diet recommended for children with autism, avoiding cows milk and products

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