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Constitution Crossword


1 2 3 4   5    
    6 7 8 9   10  
11                     12           13 14   15                
        16                         17                  
18                   19                                 20       21  
    23         24                 25  
26         27                  
30               31                                           32                    
        33           34     35              
              36 37        
  38 39     40   41         42 43 44      
    48                 49                     50
51                   52                                        
53                       54        
55       56         57      
58                 59                 60    
          63         64          
65 66       67                   68          
              69 70 71                
  72           73         74         75   76      
77           78   79                             80  
  81 82                   83
          84                         85
86                   87             88      
        89                       90    
93               94        
95             96               97      

4.Word not mentioned in the Constitution
11.Article 1, Section 2, Clause 3
15.Each state has one vote: NJ plan or V plan?
16."Father of the Constitution"
17.Writ of Habeas Corpus
18.Original colony count
19.Form of government in U.S.
27.To reject a law/bill
28.Power of Congress or power of State: establish post offices
30.First power given to Congress
31.Number of representatives in the House
32.First type of government in U.S.
33.Enumeration means
35.Communal money type
45.Delegate from New York
47."And ______ the Constitution of the United Sates."
49.City where Constitution was signed in
51.Date in September when Constitution was signed
52.War that led to indepence
53.First name of more than two
58.Each house shall keep a _____ when in session
61.Second in command of the Executive Branch
62.A one-house legislature
64.prevents prosecution for a crime (an excuse)
66.No state shall put any _____ on any imports/exports
67.Making of imitation money
71.Length of President's term
72.Emolument means:
73.Only Congress can declare this
74.Short-form candy of 3rd word of preamble
77.Sole power to TRY all impeachments
79.Lesser crimes
84.Makes laws
86.Amount of tax on slaves
88.Only Congress can _____ money
89.National month of ratification
91.Minimum age of President
92.U.S. constitution is the ______, with only 6,700 words
94.Both houses must meet in the same _______
95.Number of regional governments
96.Section 8, powers of whom?
98.Enforces laws
99.One executive officer: NJ plan or V plan?
100.Congress decides the salary for its' _______
2.In order to form a more _____ union
3.Compromise that led to bi-cameral legislation
5.To revise the constitution
6.Two-house Legislature
7.Article 1, Section 5, Clause 1
8.Second part of Legislative branch
9.President can appoint a/an _____ to foreign countries
10.Amendment that gave the right to bear arms
12.Political school
13.Building where Constitution was signed in
14.First part of Legislative branch
20.Each state shall have at least this many representatives
21.The president shall be the ________ of the army
22.Number of amendments
23.Process where foreigner becomes a citizen
25.Person or business cannot pay debts
26.Member of the house leaves office
29.Last name of Georgian Lincoln
34.Providence ___________
36.To stop a meeting
37.Article 2, Section 2, Clause 1
38.Model city for direct democracy
39.Modern-day militia
40.First president
41.Type of officer in the cabinet
42.President of the Senate
43.Criminals shall have a speedy and _____ trial
44.Article 4, Section 2, Clause 1
46.First vice-president
48.First state to ratify the Constitution
50.I do solemnly swear or (_____)
54.Last name of man who proposed 12 amendments
55.Insure domestic______
56.Major crimes
57.Article 2, Section 1, Clause 8
59.First ten ammendments
60.Length of vice-president's term
63.We the ______ of the United States
65.Freedom of Religion, Speech, _____, Assembly, and Petition
68.House of Representatives has sole power of _______
69.This state did not show
70.Killing a bill without taking action
75.Slave=______ Citizen= 5/5
76.Sirs, Lords, Knights, Dukes, Duchess's
78.Article 3, Section 3
80.Minimum age of House of Representatives official
81.Interprets laws
82.Citizen soldiers
83.President's salary cannot be ______ during his term
85.Number of states needed to sign
86.No state shall ever enter into a _____
87.Vacancies in the House of Representatives filled by:
90.Length of the Senator's term
92.Congress could impose on who in 1808
93.Proposed law
97.To reject

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