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Nicky Chevalier, Amelia Digaletos & Leah Lavoie

use the definitions as clue to the word that goes in the corresponding numerated blank space. Keep in mind that all answers and questions must relate to Judaism.

3           4               5  
6                   7             8
9 10                
    11 12                      
  13     14              
15             16  
18 19 20                      
    21       22
23             24        
27               28      
    29 30    
31         32            
    33                   34
35           36

3.Number of tribes of Israel
4.What a boy must go through eight days after birth
6.Food the Jewish cannot eat
7.The body cannot be *blank*
9.Unless the mothers life is threatened, this is not permitted
12.The dead will be *blank*
13.Jews are opposed to these i most cases
15.Number of books of Moses in the Torah
17.The burial should be within *blank* hours of death
20.Conservative Jewish families will hold these for a girls twelve birthday
23.The *blank* will come
25.The telling of G-d's creation of the world and of humanity (three words)
27.Female children are named on the first *blank* after birth
31.*blank* products made by non-Jews cannot be consumed
32.The small hat which covers the crown of the head
33.Where the Ten Commandments were given by G-d to Moses (two words)
37.Number of times they must pray a day
38.Comprises interpretation of laws of Torah
39.Place of worship
40.This addresses ethical responsibilities
1.Father of the progenitors of the tribes of Israel
2.Third book of Moses
5.The major division of Judaism where the sabbath is observed strictly (two words)
8.There is no *blank*
10.If a limb is amputated, it must be *blank*
11.The fifth book of Moses
14.Number of G-d's worshipped
16.G-d gave this to the tribes of Israel
18.Large animal Jewish people cannot eat
19.Is believed to be the best of prophets
21.Number of Principles of Faith
22.Consists of the books of the prophets
24.What woman must cover after marriage
26.Abraham and Sara's son
28.A day of fasting (two words)
29.Also called Maimonides
30.Constitutes the sacred Scripture of the Jewish faith
34.Abraham's first born son
35.The name of a follower of Judaism
36.G-d is aware of all of our *blank*

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