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Hedgehogs: A small part of the Hedgehog Campaign

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1.The quills, hard on the outside, are filled with ____ ____ inside.
4.threatened, hedgehogs roll into a tight ____, protecting their face, eyes, limbs, and bellies.
6.The hedgehog belongs to this family.
8.Hedgehogs are slightly ____ intolerant.
9.A group of hedgehogs is called an ____.
10.The babies of a hedgehog are born ____.
11.Refers to the time when a young hedgehog starts to shed their baby quills and replace them with their adult quills.
2.The process in which a hedgehog covers its spines with scented saliva
3.Hedgehogs are ____ creatures, coming together only to mate.
5.The normal _____ of a hedgehog is 190 per minute.
7.Hedgehogs are only 50% quills! The rest of their belly and face is covered in soft ____.

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