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Computer Hardware Terms

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4.A portable, usually battery powered mocrocomputer small enough to rest on the user's lap
6.Hardware that holds, writes and reads from a computer disk.
8.A printer that uses a laser beam to produce an image.
10.This is the working memory of the computer. It is used for storing date temporarily and running application programs.
12.A printer that uses ink to porduce an image
1."built-in" computer memory containing date that normally can only be read, not written to.
2.This controls the operations of the computer.
3.A pointing device that is used to move a cursor on the computer screen.
5.A single user computing system that is not portable.
7.A set of keys for computer input, which resembles a tyewriter keyboard, but wiht a few extra keys for computer commands.
9.The place where you use a computer such as a desk.
11.A device that displays text and graphics generated by a computer.

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