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Stock Market Game Puzzle 1

Mr. Aukerman

Bid, Average Daily Volume, Volume, Day Low, Day High, Previous Close, Open, percent Change, Last, Changes, Ticker Symbol, Subsidiary,Quote, Brand Name, Dividend, Liquidity, Private Company, Earnings, Public Company

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1.A company owned by investors who buy shares of stock, usually through a stock exchange.
3.The highest quoted price investors are currently willing to pay for a share of the company's stock.
7.The amount of money that remains after subtracting the company's expenses from its revenue.
8.The stock's closing price on the previous trading day.
11.The ease of converting as asset, in this case stock, into money in a timely fashion with little or no loss in value.
13.A company owned by a person, family or small group of investors that does not sell stock to the company
14.The last price of the stock at the end of the trading day.
16.The increase or decrease in the stock's price between today's last price and the closing price of the previous trading day.
17.The bid or ask price quoted for a stock at a given time.
18.A company of which more than 50% of the voting shares are owned by another corporation, called the parent company.
19.The total number of shares traded so far today.
2.The number of shares traded per day averaged over a period of time.
4.Portion of a company's profit (earnings) that may be paid to stockholders
5.The price of the day's first trade of invest Mint's stock. Also referred to as the opening price.
6.The change in the stock's price as shown as a percent of the closing price on the previous day.
9.The highest price the stock has traded at so far today.
10.A name that sets apart a product or company from rival products or companies.
12.Letters that identify a security for trading purposes on the consolidated tape, such as XON for Exxon Corporation.
15.Teh lowest price the stock has traded at so far today.

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