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Suffixes -rupt and -ship

Advanced Class 01/25/2013

1 2
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7             8              
9       10       11
  12   13    

3.When I bought the used car, the ___ was passed to me.
5.The movie ___ stopped playing because of the blackout.
7.I ___ at my children for not cleaning their room again.
8.The Philippines was governed by a ___ president for decades.
10.I have ___ citizenship from my native and adopted countries.
14.Please stop ___ me.
15.The meeting was ___ by the fire alarm.
16.I got a full ___ to USC!
17.He was fined for poor ___.
18.The business went ___ and had to close.
1.When the Icelandic volcano ___, an ash cloud impeded air traffic.
2.I have a love/___ ___ with my computer. I need it, but sometimes it freezes!
4.A ___ is a terrible act of bad sportsmanship.
6.When cops ___ drivers, it is very corrupt.
9.You friendship ___ the ___ to me.
11.I listed my financial ___ on the aid application.
12.The school earthquake ___ ___ed our class this morning.
13.During an emergency, my ___ skills need to shine.

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