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Chapter 2 Transforming Learning with Unique, Powerful Technology

Sarah Bauer

This is a overview of the main vocabulary words in Chapter 2. There will be definitions of a word and the person will have to guess what the vocabulary word is according to the definition given to them.

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1.Responses given to students by teachers or computers.
6.The process of actively reflecting on one's thinking and learning, sometimes referred to as "thinking about thinking"
15.Classroom group activities where students have designed roles to preform as they work together on learning projects.
16.Ability to use digital information, computer communication tools, and electronic networks to share ideas and solve problems.
17.Gaining knowledge through the use of pictures, drawings, video, animation, and other visual sources of information.
18.Classroom instructional format where small groups of students work together on academic tasks.
2.Suggests that learning is also influenced by nonobservable and internal constructs, such as memory motivation, perception, attention, and metacognitive skills.
3.Maintains that learning is a set of changes in human behavior created as a function of events in the environment.
4.Teaching and learning situations where students actively and productively work together.
5.skills and abilities related to creating, editing, understanding, and appreciating visual images in computer and non computer environments.
7.A view of teaching, where teachers provide academic knowledge to students through instructional processes such as lectures, readings, videos, and worksheets.
8.Form of learning that happens when students are mentally and physically engaged in the construction and evaluation of academic material.
9.A classroom instructional format where small groups of students work together on academic levels.
10.Skills and understandings needed to be an active user and evaluator of content found the on World Wide Web
11.Teaching method that organizes instruction on teacher- decided goals and objectives.
12.Applications that allow computer users to see connections between networks and information.
13.Claims every person interprets and constructs the world in their own way.
14.Educational activities where students investigate questions, issues, and problems and propose answers or solutions based on personal research.

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