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super bowl

terry legan

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  5   6
  7   8          
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  18                   19 20  
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  29                       30            
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      42         43
  45         46 47        

2.refreshing drink commercial
3.group that never gets fan mail
8.oldest player to play in nfl (48)
9.average number of people at a super bowl party
10.first african american coach to win super bowl
12.winner of six super bowls
16.main method of scoring in game
18.have flag on helmet
22.except for thanksgiving, most consumed item in one day by americans
26.only winner of heisman and super bowl
29.number of players on field
30.halftime show performer
31.steeler QB with four super bowl wins
32.name of winners trophy
33.what every kid dreams of becoming
34.future nfl hall of fame member and super bowl MVP
35.when to go to the bathroom
37.what fans chant
38.what fills the stadium
39.ray lewis led them to super bowl
41.youngest head coach to win super bowl
42.first player to guarantee a win
44.best place to be with ball
45.begins the game
47.number worn by niner QB
48.ten time super bowl mvp (in his dreams)
1.first nfl team to have cheerleaders
4.ravens QB
5.niners play caller
6.bay team that did not come close, again
7.mvp of super bowl XXXV
11.the one place you will not talk about the game
13.when yelling happens
14.team that came up short
15.what makes game more interesting
17.nickname of ball
19.bay team that suprised everyone
20.eight million pounds consumed on super bowl sunday
21.went to super bowl four times, lost all four, also wings
22.what you do not want to drop
23.highest points scored by one team in super bowl (49ers)
24.first cowboys coach
25.jerry jones team
27.only team to be undefeated and win super bowl
28.first super bowl winner
36.item that has sales increase of 20% after super bowl
37.winner of super bowl XXX
38.what slows game down
40.loser of first super bowl
41.only brothers to have won super bowls
43.first player to win five super bowl rings (dallas cowboy)
46.nfl all time most yards receiving

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