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Core Competency Six Test Review

Christy Dunn

1 2 3
4       5
7                                 8  
  10 11          
12 13                    
16         17     18        

6.Feed back from students, course work, and self to improve effectivness
7.Activity where the learner takes initiative with or without the help of others
9.Opportunity is an activity occurring at a date and time set by educational provider
11.Provide guidance to various stages of the education process
13.This is a continous process in education
14.Academic nurse educators must keep up with these advances
15.Gaming activity used to review content in class
16.Collection of web pages that can be changed by anyone
17.Learning that is essential to maintain competence in nursing practice
19.Competencies that are related to the actual psychomotor use of computers
20.Competencies related to the process of using computes within nursing
1.Mentoring involves this
2.Provides opportunity for knowledge enhancement, networking, and professional activities
3.Working together with organizations, institutions, educators, and students to form a better educational environment
4.A web 2.0 social networking site
5.Consortium of more than 40 nursing professional organizations that try to enable practicing nurses and nursing students to engage in digital era of healthcare
8.Type of assessment that allows you to realize accomplishments, assess new skills learned, and enable you to set new goals for future growth
10.Learning technology that can be computer-based, use patient actors, or SIMMAN
12.Evaluations are a type of what?
18.Nonprofit association that promotes intelligent use of information technology in higher education

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