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"f, ff, ph" fish, cliff, phone

D's Spelling Unit 8

1               2              
  5 6       7                
      8               9
      11 12                    
    13   14        
          17   18
    20 21                       22
25                           26              

1.Noun – body shape
2.Noun - the property of being wild or turbulent
3.Adjective – not worth taking seriously
4.Adjective – irritable and complaining
6.Noun - an open-air venue used for entertainment and performances.
8.Adjective – indescribable; incapable of being expressed or described in words
10.Adjective – able to effect something; having the power to produce a desired effect an efficacious remedy
12.Noun – conventional idea about women
15.Adjective – basic; serving as an original or generating source
20.Adjective – bubbly, vivacious
23.Adjective - doing or producing good; especially: performing acts of kindness and charity.
24.Adjective – disastrous, life-threatening and requiring expensive treatment
25.Adjective – relating to drugs
26.Noun - A compound containing fluorine and another element or radical.
27.Adjective – relating to study of philosophy, concerned with deep questions of life
1.Noun – plural of phenomenon
3.Noun – being fertile
5.Noun - out of respect or courtesy to somebody or something
7.Adjective - unbearable
9.Adjective – unrestrained in expressing feelings
11.Noun - the practice of performing charitable or benevolent actions; love of mankind in general
12.Adjective – dull, unimaginative, lacking distinctiveness
13.To carry on trade or other dealings
14.Adjective - useless, pointless
16.Noun – infectious disease of throat
17.Adjective – showing favouritism
18.Noun – hired driver
19.Noun – treatment of injuries
21.Noun - the act or process of fragmenting ; the disintegration, collapse, or breakdown of norms of thought or behavior
22.Adjective - showing empathy or ready comprehension of others' states

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