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"o, a" orange, watch

D's Spelling Unit 9

2 3 4 5   6                
      8               9  
10       11 12                
13                         14              
        15                   16      
  18                         19
    20 21    
23                     24  
28                   29              

5.Noun –a doctor who is qualified in diagnose and treat cancer.
7.Noun – distance recording device
8.Noun - guarantee
12.Noun – stone pillar often found in Egypt
13.Adjective - characterized by pretentious, showy, or vulgar display
14.Adjective – outdated, archaic, superseded
15.Noun – the medical study and treatment of eyes
17.Adjective - related to or dealing with or devoted to the systematic study of past human life and culture by the recovery and examination of remaining material evidence, such as graves, buildings, tools, and pottery.
18.Adjective – all knowing
22.Noun – something out of place
23.Noun – animal that eats anything
25.Noun – disaster, catastrophe; total destruction; revelation of future
26.Noun - needless repetition of an idea - especially in words other than those of the immediate context
27.Noun - the part of the alimentary canal between the pharynx and the stomach; gullet
28.Noun – all-powerful; same as God
29.Adjective – indiscriminate; desiring to do harm
1.Noun – plural of the word ‘quarry’
2.Adverb – willingly, using volunteers
3.Noun – study of volcanoes and their behaviours
4.Verb – to promote
6.Adjective – confined or cramped
9.Noun - A quality, ability, or accomplishment that makes a person .
10.Noun - round red fruit; Asian tree
11.Noun - the act or process of establishing a colony or colonies; extension of political and economic control over an area by a state
16.Adjective – taking advantage of opportunities as they arise: as: exploiting opportunities with little regard to principle or consequences
18.Adjective - objectionable
19.Noun – massive horned mammal
20.Adjective - always present everywhere; found everywhere
21.Noun – punctuation symbol showing ownership or omission
24.Noun – maker and seller of lenses; optometrist

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