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Bassically Saxy Trivia

Bassic Sax

A crossword to test your knowledge of sax current and historic saxophonic trivia.

1           2             3           4            
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    26 27                                  
  28                   29       30 31
      34         35              
37 38              
39     40           41          

1.H.N. White King’s most legendary horns were built in this city.
3.A Bb Tubax is what kind of saxophone?
7.It’s a defining feature of all saxophones
9.A saxophone that looks a bit like an English horn.
11.Despite the economy, this brand name will cause the value of a vintage sax to up more than any other.
12.Perhaps the finest after-market neck available today.
15.A German boutique saxophone maker, who also recently made custom-ordered sarrusophones.
18.A town on the German/Czech border where many German musical instrument makers once were.
21.A sax player, other players love to hate.
23.Today more saxophones are made in these 2 countries, than in the rest of the world combined.
24.The first saxophone invented.
25.The famous Conn 10M is what kind of horn?
26.If you don’t have one of these, you’re bound to make a lot of mistakes.
28.If a saxophone had anorexia, it would look like this instrument.
32.An Italian company that still makes sarrusophones.
35.Both Amati and J. Keilwerth made saxophones with this model name.
36.An American city that was once the centre of instrument production
39.Dive bars are among the least likely places you will see this member of the sax family.
43.Buescher’s model that was popular during the sax-happy 1920s.
44.A Japanese company that started having their student model saxophones made in countries where labour costs are cheaper.
2.The designer of the Metalite and Graftonite mouthpieces.
4.Except for the C melody and C pitched soprano, saxophones are...
5.Some people like them made of natural materials, while other people prefer them synthetic.
6.The Martin’s other name
8.Julius Keilwerth currently makes its professional model saxophones in this German city.
10.One of Selmer’s current models.
13.The D resonance key was a feature found on some of this company’s saxophones.
14.The early 20th century event that brought about the end of saxophone innovation, and drastically reduced horn sales.
16.Metal, cloth, string: these materials all have been used to make a…
17.Vintage mouthpieces are often made of this.
19.Max Keilwerth’s own brand of saxophones were sold with this marking.
20.All totalled, more players in the world play this type of horn.
22.Saxophone-shaped trumpets are often called
27.If it weren’t for him, we’d all be playing clarinets.
29.Benedikt Eppelsheim’s sopranissimo saxophone.
30.An H.N. White King invention that was decades ahead of its time.
31.Richard Keilwerth had this brother make the Richard Keilwerth saxophones.
33.The last name of 3 brothers who all are associated with saxophones.
34.Of the 4 most common saxophones, which is the only one that hasn’t come in more than 1 shape?
37.These Bobby Dukoff mouthpieces are the most sought after.
38.The saxophone that seems to bring out the strongest reactions in people.
40.Saxophonists, as a rule, read music in which clef?
41.Buescher’s patented pad system
42.The most popular mail-order saxophone of the early 20th century.

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